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Should personal trainers really become coaches?

Spending 4 days at Filex, I was fortunate enough to listen to the wisdom of the best in the fitness business. One theme that seemed to consistently come up was “coaching”. Why should personal trainers care about coaching? Can’t we just stick with prescribing exercise? Isn’t coaching someone else’s job?

Well actually I think the answer to that question depends on the answer of another question…”What is the problem, people are hiring us to solve for them?”

Troy Morgan asked the audience this in his inspiring session on the “Business of creating a difference” and I think it really hit the nail on the head, “What are the majority of people hiring us fitness professionals to solve?”


How will online coaching get me more clients offline?

The problem with only coaching people in person is that you are just trading time for money. You only have so much time during the week (168 hours) and so much physical, emotional and mental capacity, so you only have so many clients you can coach during the week. For most coaches this is around 20 – 30 clients per week.

I’m going to tell you more about how online coaching helps you get more offline clients but first…


How to succeed online: What I learned from the best in the coaching business

The website is so often now your client’s first impression of you. I’m sure many of you personal trainers and top coaches look a lot more presentable than their websites do but many clients won’t get a chance to see that because they get turned off at the website.

So I thought to a top personal trainer that is having such a massive impact online: Michelle Bridges.