Matching fitness with technology with community

You know that cool app – map my run? It made it easy to track where you ran on the map. You might have tried map my fitness, same company. They just got bought by one of those multi-billion dollar apparel companies, Under Armour.

The trend of physical products

What’s interesting is the continuing trend of physical products (like the shoes and clothing we wear), mixing with technology. Nike has actively pursued it’s own app – Nike Fuel, Nike Training Club and Nike +.

Ok – shoes that track where you’ve been training. Easy. Are we now going to see a new range smart-shirts that track how well, how efficient, how effectively, how regularly you’ve been training in the gym?

Map my fitness is focused on tracking through a smartphone and connecting an ever growing community of like-minded, active men and women. How is Under Armour going to make the most of this opportunity and this community?

Wouldn’t it be cool if personal trainers could tap into this technology to track how well and efficiently their clients are training when they’re together? Will the new Under Armour shirts have embedded sensors so that trainers can see just whether their clients are working the right muscles and actually reaching their max? Will that tap into the community they’re buying into to in order to provide benchmarks and drive crowd-based research?

Interesting times…

screen shot of map my run


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