5 tips to keep clients coming back again and again

The 5 biggest lessons about client retention that I’ve learned from starting my own bootcamp business are to:

1) Make every session count

One of my friends, is great at this.  As he puts it – when he’s with you, he’ll give you 110% of his energy and attention.  He’ll make sure his enthusiasm is contagious and you can’t help but feel energised.  I try to do the same for my clients.

2) Keep it fun and damn interesting

Routine is great up to a point.  Make every training session memorable and distinct. If you can’t surprise your clients, then they may as well use a “YouTube” trainer instead.

3) Check & Pre-empt a “break-up”

Clients have a number of warning signs if they’re about to “break up” with you.  Don’t be a victim – do something about it (it the nicest possible way of course).

4) Go the extra mile for the individual

If I have a client that looks they are really struggling or regularly missing my sessions, then I’ll go the extra mile – the earlier the better.  I’ll send them follow up texts if they don’t turn up.  The week before the program ends, I’ll give them a call.  Not an email.  Not a text.  A genuine phone call and ask them about how they are feeling.

5) Bind them to the community

Make sure your clients get to know and like each other.  This is key for client retention. You want them to turn up because they’ll be otherwise letting down the other members of the crew, not just you.  Orchestrate the opportunity for them to like each other.

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