Why bother setting goals?

We know setting goals is important but WHY is it critical?

Firstly they give us and our clients purpose and direction. We’ll otherwise miss out big time on:

1) A proven, powerful motivator

Basically, the goal setting theory was laid out in the 60s by a guy called Dr Edwin Locke.  The conclusion was that people are motivated by clear goals and when they receive positive feedback on their progress.  This theory has been backed by countless other research papers.

2) Better results

It’s proven that goal setting significantly improves performance.  Our clients will achieve better results when we help them set the proper goals. This could be the difference between us being hired again and again as their coach or dropped as soon as the course is finished.

3) Bragging rights

We love to achieve things we never thought we could.  It makes us feel good, fills us with endorphins, improves our confidence and motivates us to do more the next time.

Relating back to Locke’s research (based on 400 studies over 25 years) on goal setting – he concluded that ‘ as long as an individual is committed to a goal and has the ability to achieve it, specific, high (hard) goals lead to a higher level of task performance than vague or easy goals.’

So if you don’t set your client with a clear, challenging goal, your client will be ‘statistically’ far less likely to put in the effort required to achieve noteworthy results.

Without noteworthy results – Why would your clients pay to train with you, brag about you afterwards and send you more business?

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