How to set your best client goals for 2014

Goal setting seems easy but it’s often done wrong. Set your clients up to succeed with you in 2014.

Error 1: Too Much Too Soon

Trainers that set or allow their clients to set goals that are too ambitious and optimistic are just setting themselves up for failure. Your client judges your ability as a trainer against the goals you set – so get a “win” and gradually increase the challenge.

Error 2: Too Vague

Forget goals that sound like, “Lose weight” or “Feel fit”. You must be able to measure the goal and track progress.

Error 3: Too Distant

The further out the goal is, the less we’re compelled by it. You’ve got to be able to track progress. Otherwise we tend to believe that we can some how cram progress in the last few weeks. We need urgency to act.

Error 4: Too Complex

Focus people. Clients quickly get overwhelmed if you don’t keep that laser focus. Try to keep a goal distinct, clear and free of any add-ons.

Error 5: Too Slow to Keep Up

You want to be making sure that your client is hitting every milestone goal in between, celebrating them and make damn sure that your client’s going to succeed. This is super important for us personal trainers.

Keep measuring, keep encouraging, keep re-prioritising, keep motivating.

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