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Weight loss clients’ complaining that they’re not seeing results anymore?

The problem with weight loss

Weight loss can often seem so easy at first. With your help as a coach, your client at least goes from no exercise to some exercise. This immediately helps them lose weight by boosting their metabolism and burning more calories. Their body is burning more more calories than they need to put in so they start losing weight. Everything is going well…until their momentum and their metabolism slows down.


How to set your best client goals for 2014

Goal setting seems easy but it’s often done wrong. Set your clients up to succeed with you in 2014.

Error 1: Too Much Too Soon

Trainers that set or allow their clients to set goals that are too ambitious and optimistic are just setting themselves up for failure. Your client judges your ability as a trainer against the goals you set – so get a “win” and gradually increase the challenge…