Make our online coaching software your own

Moxiee works best for high profile health and fitness coaches that are wanting to support, track and manage more clients online.

These kinds of online coaches often have a brand that they want to protect and grow. That’s why they have been asking us to create an easy way for them to white label our coaching app and software to reflect their own coaching colours.

For example, one of our favourite customers is a fitness celebrity, wellness expert and nutritionist for the Vodafone Warriors, Lee-Anne Wann.  She has a large, engaged audience and the possibility to impact and manage hundreds, or even thousands, of clients at a time with the the right personal training online coaching software.

Lee partnered with us to develop and support her own program, Motivate.

Whitelabel website and app

Whether you’re a personal trainer, health coach or nutritionist, Moxiee makes it incredibly simple and affordable to achieve your own branded version of the web application.

Simply let us know 3 colours from your brand colour palette:

  1. Brand colour
  2. Highlight/Action colour
  3. Background colour

We’ll transform our standard Moxiee green and highlight orange template…

screen shot of online personal training software

..into your own white labeled version of the app to reflect your own brand, highlight and background colours.

Screenshot of whitelabel online personal training software

The app has been carefully designed to be responsive and mobile friendly (with your own subdomain to reflect your online coaching brand too)

Screenshot of whitelabel mobile friendly coaching app


Whitelabel mobile apps: iPhone & Android

Native mobile apps are more complicated to reskin because there is significant time, money and effort required.

We would need to create, manage and update a completely separate app on both the App Store and Google Play store so we are very selective of which online health coaches we can do this for.

But when we partner with a coach, we make sure it’s done right, looks beautiful and is well worth the investment.  That’s what we’ve done with Lee-Anne Wann’s mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

Screenshot of Lee-Anne Wann whitelabel iPhone app

The advantage here is that the coach’s logo is visible on the client’s screen everytime they open their phone which reinforces the coach-client relationship and connection they have.

We’ve been working on this app feature for the last few months and are constantly trying to improve…What do you think?

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