Why is your app called Moxiee?

I first came up with the idea for the Moxiee app while running my own fitness bootcamp.  I was meeting with my clients twice a week. They were super motivated when we were together but that was only 1% of their week.

I could be the best trainer in the world for a 2 hours a week but if my clients weren’t following up with good, healthy habits the remaining 166 hours of the week then we weren’t seeing the results we both wanted.

That’s the problem

Most of the time my clients are battling to keep consistent with their exercise, sleeping and eating routines. I really wanted to offer a much more helpful and holistic service but had little extra time and no easy way to communicate with so many clients at the same time.

That’s how I started on the idea to build a software. Not just making it easier to communicate but also to provide timely and consistent support, motivation and accountability – wherever they were in the world.

You’d think that coming up with a name for the software would be the easy part. But trust me, it wasn’t…

Initially I asked myself, “What would inspire the trainers?” They wanted to be better at the craft while making more money, so that’s what I wanted the brand to communicate.

I spent days and weeks brainstorming but couldn’t decide. I’d hit a brick wall. Some of the names I was playing with were:

  • Habit Coach,

  • Kickass Habits,

  • Goal Coach,

  • Habit Hub and even

  • VGC or Virtual Goal Coach

I was needing a name and pronto because the first version of the web app was ready and I needed to call it something. I wasn’t completely satisfied but I settled on a name that, at the time, seemed most fitting for my clientele: Top Trainer.

After all I thought it was just personal trainers that were going to be my customers. They would effectively on-sell their own online support service to their clients.  They wanted to be the best.

That’s the brand I used to apply for Start Up Chile too, the prestigious global business incubator program based in Santiago, Chile.

My business was accepted into…

Startup Chile

…and I was off to spend 6 months in South America.

This opportunity gave me the breathing space I needed to enhance the product and develop a mobile app. During this time, I talked with countless personal trainers, life coaches, nutritionists, dietitians, business coaches, physiotherapists, osteopaths, naturopaths…anyone I thought I could help.

Through all of these interviews I realised that the term ‘Trainer” was just not right.  I was certainly going help top health, fitness and wellness experts but with personalised online “coaching”, not training.

The app was going to help with their communication, support and accountability most of all. It wasn’t about providing a strict program or plan. It was about identifying the key habits and behaviour changes that clients wanted to take action on. It was about lifestyle not just bodies. It has so much scope because it’s really about helping coaches make their clients feel that little bit more awesome everyday.

So when I got…

Back to New Zealand

I reconnected with one of my mentors, Jeremy Moon. He knows a lot about business since he built one of New Zealand’s most iconic brands. He agreed that the name Top Trainer was dead wrong for the future we were building. It was too generic, clinical and unemotional especially considering my (end) user base, who are mostly women.

The most important insight was that he rightly believed that the brand needed to speak to these end users first.  Get the concept right with users and the concept would be right with their coaches.

It needed to be motivating, inspirational, energetic, authentic and friendly. It wasn’t about stroking the egos of top trainers at all. It was actually about empowering their clients to become better versions of themselves.

So I got back to brainstorming. Hours, days, weeks, months passed me by. I spoke to my customers, their clients…my mum :) I wrote literally thousands of potential names down…but I was just looking for the right one.

By this stage I was playing with names like supporterriffic, personal boosts, motivate pal, my motivations and coachinmycorner.  I was tormented because it just didn’t sound right. I was under the same intense urgency to change the name quickly because I needed to launch fresh in the new year.

So I gave it one last shot. I looked for the 14th time on my online thesaurus for another word for…


That’s when it finally jumped out at me – “moxie”.

“Moxie” means confidence, guts and a force of character. This was exactly the kind of attitude we were trying to instill in our clients. This hit a cord with me and when I asked customers, they loved it too.

The only problem was, the word moxie was either generic and had already been trademarked by Moxie drinks. Worse was that “domain trolls” had taken every moxie known to man. I was getting desperate.

My brand needed to stand out, be unique and avoid confusion so I started playing with its spelling…

There were a few curly ones. I tried Moxsy, Moksi, Moxi, moxieapp, moxyapp, bemoxie, iammoxy, moxiemessage, moxiemail, shemoxy, actmoxy,coachmoxie, pocketmoxie, extramoxie and a million other moxie’s.  I even thought moxxiee until my several friends told me that it felt like some dodgy adult entertainment site. Yikes!

However, there was one that started standing out with a little halo around it. It was close to the original spelling but clearly distinct. It was one word. Easy to explain and I was finally able to reach a decision I am still proud of today…

Moxiee app moxiee-logo

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